Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Wedge Sneaker Dilema

After diligently avoiding the wedge sneaker trend, I broke down and tried on a pair of Nike Sky Hi Dunks. The purple on white appealed to me and I just had to see what the big deal was about the sneaker wedge. What can I say? They were pretty rad… but I didn’t buy them. […]

Yo Shorty

These J. Crew shorts are so fun, except if I wore them I’d feel extremely self-conscious about the expanse of thigh I was showing.  Oh shorts! Why do you have to be so difficult? There comes a time in a woman’s life when shorts, that summer wardrobe staple, becomes an object of fear and loathing. I will be […]

Lycra Dresses & Door Knocker Earrings

This morning as I was driving my son to kindergarten, I had my iPhone plugged into the stereo instead of listening to NPR like I usually do. He was reading a book and I was trying not to panic about the heavy traffic and being late for school. Then this song came on… This is […]

Lucky Stripes

Ever since I saw the spring Altuzarra collection on I was on the lookout for skinny pants in engineer stripes. I happened to see a pair of striped Lucky Brand jeans on sale at Nordstrom and I couldn’t pass it up. They were just under $60. Not bad. I had completely forgotten about Lucky Brand […]

Looking Good Vanessa Paradis!

I love the ads starring actress/singer/model Vanessa Paradis for H&M’s sustainable collection called Conscious. I don’t actually shop at H&M because I think the designs and disposable quality of the clothes skew more toward girls in their teens and early 20’s. Still it’s good to see a giant retailer known for trend-driven fashion use a woman […]

Denim Addict

I cannot live without denim. I wear jeans most days of the week because it takes half the guesswork out of putting together a decent outfit when I need to get ready for my day early in the morning. In winter adding boots, a sweater, and a scarf is pretty much my uniform. But now […]

Hello Kitty

It pains me to admit this but my high heel wearing days are essentially over because, well, it’s a total pain. While I’d love to feel like a tall drink of water in sky-high heels, the opportunity to wear them doesn’t come around often. As someone who used to wear 4-inch heels to work on […]