Monthly Archives: May 2013

I Heart

I’m not even going to suggest I dressed like this in the 80’s (I didn’t).. or admit I kind of love this song (I do). I actually prefer classic rock 70’s Heart to big haired 80’s Heart. But no matter what, Ann and Nancy Wilson are badass. This video for What About Love is chock […]

Get the Message

Message tees – *sigh* – they never seem to go away. These t-shirts remind me of the 80’s and not in a good way. I guess if you’re Lindsay Bluth Fünke, you can pull of a message tee like a pro. Even though I leave this look to teenagers, pop stars, and hipsters, it doesn’t mean […]

Forever a Great Song

I’m feeling very 80’s this Friday and you can’t get more 80’s than OMD. Much of the fashion and music of that time may seem dated, but (Forever) Live and Die is a keeper. Okay, so there’s a bridge with horns and a sax breaking it down. It’s still a great song. While we’re talking about […]

Crazy Pants – Who’s With Me?

Can we take a moment to discuss the jungle print madness of Kenzo’s spring 2013 collection? I love the mix of utility and vibrant color. Even the accessories blend into the prints so perfectly. I just want a small dose of that in my current wardrobe and I think my best bet is pants. Somehow […]

Vara For All

I feel like a total fashion lemming, but I really dig the Ferragamo Vara heels that you can customize on their website. One of my favorite bloggers, Susie Lau of Style Bubble is featured in the 35th anniversary campaign, which features 21 fashionable women photographed in their own versions of the Vara. Susie’s picture is […]

Go Bold or Go Home

How gorgeously gaudy are peonies? I found this picture from last year on my computer and wish I had these in a vase on my desk. Peonies are such a welcome antidote to clouds and rain. I’ve  been trying to wear more color these days  so maybe I should take a lesson from these flowers. Today […]

Loving Teena Marie

Teena Marie is serious guitar rockin’ fierceness. I remember seeing the video for Lovergirl as a kid and being entranced. She wrote her own songs, played multiple instruments and had some killer dance moves. Oh, and that voice. The late, great Teena Marie is in a class by herself. Here’s an outfit inspired by the Lovergirl […]