Monthly Archives: July 2013

Jump In Anytime

For the longest time I resisted the jumpsuit. I might even call myself a hater. Besides the fact that they are awkward to take off when you have to visit the ladies’ room, jumpsuits aren’t always the most flattering. Then I realized how a jumpsuit could make getting dressed up so much easier. Not that […]

Date With Destiny

This may not be one of the most popular Destiny’s Child songs (way back when there were four of Destiny’s children), but it’s my favorite. It has some quintessential late 90’s looks  – bedazzled cowboy hats, backless shirts, bootcut pants – and even a Kobe Bryant cameo. It’s the perfect Friday song for dancing in your […]

Denim for Dads and Other Thoughts on Men’s Fashion

Dad jeans? Really? So this is really a thing. I guess if it’s worthy of a New York Times article, it must be. Dad jeans are not the best look going, but do most guys even care? I’m going to say hell to the no. What’s really hilarious about the article is the notion that the “urban […]

Blast From the Not So Distant Past

I am a huge fan of Parks and Recreation. Love it. I cannot think about an ice rink without cracking up (also, Get On Your Feet by Gloria Estefan will never be the same). Amy Poehler is a comedic genius, but what really makes the show great is the cast of supporting characters. So when I […]

Jeanius Take On the Jumpsuit

I would have never believed it possible but I love this denim jumpsuit on Zoe Saldana. The words “denim” and “jumpsuit” together would normally make me shudder but on this lovely lady, it totally works. It also helps that the Balmain jumpsuit in question is structured at the top and has chain straps to dress […]

I Wanna Be Adorned?

I never saw the video for I Go Crazy back in the 80’s when Flesh For Lulu had a moment, but for some reason I got the song stuck in my head and looked it up on youtube. I’m so glad I did. I saw Some Kind of Wonderful with a bunch of junior high […]

Getting Loopy

It’s hella warm (bringing my 90’s lingo back) and I’m wishing my summer looked like this. Strangely enough, I’m super motivated to knit lately. With wool. What’s up with that? I blame the prefall knits I’ve seen that has me anxiously awaiting crisp fall weather. I don’t actually want to spend my free time sweating […]