Monthly Archives: August 2013

Great Coats

One thing I’d really like to update this year is my winter coat. I have my dark gray rain jacket for practicality, my navy blue pea coat to mix things up, and my black down jacket for when it gets cold. I have the basics covered but what I could use is a dose of […]

Break It Down, Breakfast Club

This is probably my favorite scene in The Breakfast Club. How fun it must have been to shoot this scene. I dare you to watch Molly Ringwald dance without cracking a smile. My all-time fave John Hughes movie is Sixteen Candles (because it was my first) but Breakfast Club is a close second. It’s amazing […]

Nailed It

I know it’s probably hard to see from this crappy iPhone picture but my nail color perfectly matches the Monopoly board. This is Maybelline Color Show in Green With Envy. How appropriately named since it matches so well with a board game connected with getting the green. My six-year-old is obsessed with Monopoly and I’m […]

Flat Out Fabulous

For those of us who prefer flat shoes, ballet flats are a staple. The thing is, if you want a bit of edge to your look, ballet flats don’t really exude edgy coolness. I’m not claiming to be edgy or cool, just craving variety. I’ve been keen on d’orsay flats, but it’s been super hard […]

Dainty Diamonds

Have you visit the site Of A Kind? If you haven’t, you should. Talk about finding the best of the best in small scale, beautifully handcrafted, totally¬†awesome accessories and clothes. If you love being in the know about emerging designers, this is the place. If you’d love to buy things that aren’t mass produced, this […]

Simple Nude Sandals

Nude shoes can be tricky. First of all, nude is such a relative term. What’s nude to one person is pasty white to another. Or the undertone is too pink or tan. Sometimes nude leather can look a little cheap. So finding the right nude shoe can require an extensive search. I’m going to venture […]

Finding Booty-licious Jeans

Saggy pants. Not only is it unflattering, it’s now against the law in some places. Whenever my jeans slide down my backside I think of that scene in Clueless where Cher talks about how messy boys in baggy pants and backward baseball caps expect girls to swoon. As if! Unfortunately, there are times when I […]