Monthly Archives: September 2013

Book Club

If there is such thing as a fashion nerd, then without a doubt I am in the club. Not only do I love beautifully made clothes (and bags and shoes and jewelry) I am fascinated by the inner workings of the industry. So in addition to reading about fashion online and in magazines, I love […]

Happy Dance

This Go-Go’s song makes me incredibly happy. It’s short but incredibly sweet and it’s the perfect sunny day song. I can’t decide who’s outfit I dig the most. This video has everything: floral dresses, tomboy shirts, neckerchiefs for crying out loud! I definitely rocked scarves in my ponytail when I was a kid, just like […]

Seeing Green

I am currently having a love affair with olive green. For me, this branching out on the color scale. I’ve never considered it a super flattering on me, but I’m changing my tune lately because this mossy green seems so appropriate for fall. Today I’m wearing Madewell cords in dark olive. They are a comfortable […]

90’s Nostalgia

Oh, this song. Brings back college memories. This was on the Reality Bites soundtrack and even though the movie was a mixed bag, this song is perfection in its angst-y earnestness. Can you hear the opening guitar of Stay and not turn it up? I think Lisa Loeb’s outfit looks just as good now as […]

Another Sunny Day

I had an endless summer in mind when I bought these Ray-Ban sunglasses. Colored frames are normally not my thing, but if there’s one accessory that demands thinking outside of the box, it’s definitely sunglasses. This style is Wayfarer-like, but fits my face so much better. The purple acetate frame is fairly subtle. Still it’s […]