Monthly Archives: October 2013

Perfect Tall Flat Boots

After wanting these Madewell Archive boots for ages, I finally took the plunge. So glad I did because they are PERFECT. I had been eyeing the boots since last year, convinced it wasn’t worth it to order online. Buying shoes without trying them on can be a challenge to say the least. But when you visit […]

Warm and Fuzzy

  We’ve had insanely good weather here in Portland the past couple of weeks. Now it looks like the gray is rolling in just in time for the weekend. It’s just as well. I’m ready for a bit of coziness and I’ve been a mad knitter the past few days. I keep seeing angora sweaters […]

Sweater Girl

How freakin’ awesome is this Tibi embroidered hoodie? It’s outside the box of what I normally go for and that’s why I love it. It checks all of the boxes: understated luxury with a bit of homespun detailing. Besides, it has owls. I’m a sucker for owls.    

One and Done

We’re coming to the time of year when holiday parties loom large. While I love an opportunity to get dressed up, I always end up changing ten times while my husband (who gets dressed and groomed in five minutes, by the way) looks on, tapping the imaginary watch on his wrist. That’s the universal signal […]

Sneaker Freak

The older I get, the more I want to simplify how I dress. Not that I want to look boring, but when I know something works well I tend to stick with it. So I skip anything constricting, complicated, or overwrought. I do love a good print on occasion, but the looks highlighted in Tomboy […]