Monthly Archives: November 2013

Rolling Up My Sleeves for Turkey Day

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, I’m only going to focus on the positive today. My family, good health, and sunny weather all make it easy to feel truly grateful. This year, the group of us getting together decided to forgo the turkey in favor of pie! Yep, all pie all day! I’m in charge of a savory […]

For the Love of Furry

I have no idea what’s going on… lately anything furry, fuzzy, and textural is really appealing. I’m not totally sure how (or whether) to indulge this interest, but I’m definitely having a Muppet moment. Take this Zara jacket for instance. It’s completely crazy pants that I’d even like it, let alone actually consider buying it. […]

Survival of the Fittest

Or the time I got hip-checked by a lady holding a baby at the Frances May warehouse sale. So here’s the deal: I am not a warehouse sale kind of gal. I kind of panic when I see people scurrying around and I have zero killer instinct when it comes to elbowing my way toward racks […]

Brrr, It’s Cold In Here!

I finished my waffle stitch cowl, snood, neck warmer, whatchamacallit just in time for actual cold weather. This was fun to knit. I used two balls of Madeline Tosh Pashmina (a merino wool, silk and cashmere blend) held together. It has nice body so it stands up against your neck a bit but still has […]

You Don’t Want to Sweat in These

Could there be anything more indulgent than cashmere sweatpants? Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in the sartorial equivalent of a soft, warm hug? I’d love to own a pair of cashmere pants, but I’ve never bothered to spend the money on something so impractical. Now I think practicality is overrated. Cashmere pants sound dreamy. Love […]

The Best Thing about Isabel Marant for H&M…

was definitely this large tie-dye bag that came with purchase. Despite telling myself that I didn’t want to follow like a lemming into the overstuffed bowels of my downtown H&M, I did it anyway because the former journalist in me wanted to get the story. There was no big crowd, although the store opened at 8am […]