Rolling Up My Sleeves for Turkey Day

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, I’m only going to focus on the positive today. My family, good health, and sunny weather all make it easy to feel truly grateful. This year, the group of us getting together decided to forgo the turkey in favor of pie! Yep, all pie all day! I’m in charge of a savory pie so I’m making shepherd’s pie, which is a first for me. Hopefully it will turn out okay, but let’s face it after a glass of wine or two, palates are forgiving.


I won’t look this good but I hope to look this happy!

To stay stylish and comfy, I’m going to wear a faded denim shirt and jeans. My denim shirt is one of the easiest things to throw on when I don’t have time to think too hard about what to wear. It looks good on it’s own or under a sweater. If I need to look more put together, I tuck in my shirt, throw on a fancy belt and a necklace, and  wear ankle boots to complete the look.

Talking fashion is fun, but being surrounded by loved ones and being reminded of everything important in our lives through delicious homemade food is truly a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving!


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