Monthly Archives: December 2013

Colorful New Year

Whew! After a busy Christmas, bring on the New Year! That’s our cat lounging inside a Powell’s bag. She has pretty much taken over that bag and I’m happy to give up any remnants of holiday shopping in favor of a glass of champagne.. or two.. and the promise of a mellow New Year’s Eve. […]

Spot On

Oh boy. I kind of need these in my life. Jazzed up slip-ons are the footwear of my dreams. However, being the practical sort – believe me, these Saint Laurent shoes are not practically priced – I have looked into some alternatives. Vans will be cool forever and leave your bank account more flush than springing […]

Color Block

I was a knitting fool over the weekend and finished two projects – a saddle shoulder sweater and a simple hat with the leftover yarn. Now I have a matching set! Just kidding. The hat will probably end up being a Christmas gift. Anyway, I wanted to learn how to make an old school saddle […]

Dreaming of Spring

We’ve had snow flurries all morning in Portland, but I’m thinking about spring… the looks from Isabel Marant’s Etoile line at least. This is my favorite thing in the collection – a tweed-like jacket. If there’s one thing Isabel Marant is great at, it’s a highly covetable jacket. This almost makes me want to try to […]

Big Girl Pants

This leather legging/shoe combo is major. MAY-JOR. It’s from Tamara Mellon’s (formerly of Jimmy Choo) new shoe line and it takes a certain no-nonsense woman to put them on one leg at a time. These are big girl pants.  

Online Shopping to take the edge off

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or so the song goes… but holiday shopping can definitely make most cheerful people a little bit cray-cray. Every year I go through the same feelings of fear and loathing about finding the right gifts for the important people in my life. Well, this year is going […]