Monthly Archives: March 2014

Making a Statement

This Acne Studios necklace is too cool for school. Okay, it’s definitely too cool for me, but there’s something about the spare and slightly menacing design that makes it so beautiful to me. It looks like it has a heft to it that may feel strangely comforting. Delicate necklaces were a thing but I’m glad […]

Spring Sweaters

Finally, finally finished my t-shirt sweater! After falling in love with a beautifully saturated Madeline Tosh yarn in January, I started knitting this sweater with every intention of finishing it in two or three weeks, a month tops. Fast forward to now, the middle of March, and I just finished my project yesterday. There are only […]

Here, Kitty Kitty

Do you ever have a “meh” reaction to something and then completely change your tune? That’s how I feel about these Saint Laurent Cat boots. Maybe I am susceptible to advertising?  But the more I see them, the more I like these kitten heeled point toe booties. I’m a kitten heel convert. No joke, it […]

Always In Style

If there’s one thing everyone should have in their closet, it’s a chambray (or it’s close cousin denim) shirt. I have three and I’m constantly on the lookout for another. What can I say? I embrace uniform dressing. Thankfully, there are other options beyond the usual button up. Check this kimono inspired shirt by Steven […]