Monthly Archives: August 2014

Looking Good Winona Ryder

There are very few celebrities I’d truly get excited about meeting. I know everyone says that, but I really do mean it. Except two people: Dolly Parton (because she’s freakin’ awesome) and Winona Ryder. So I can really appreciate that Ryder is the face if the new rag & bone fall campaign. Talk about someone who […]

Leisure Wear

  One word that keeps popping up in fashion lately is “athleisure” to describe the things that in theory is supposed to be for exercise (yoga pants being the number one thing that comes to mind) but is really just a socially acceptable way for people to wear comfort clothes without feeling like a slob. What’s interesting […]

The Blank Canvas

If there’s one thing I wish I had more of, it’s a simple dress that’s anything but basic. It acts as an easy throw-on piece that is the perfect blank canvas for adding a necklace, scarf, or attention grabbing shoes. This sweatshirt dress by A.P.C. fits that description to a tee. First of all, it […]

Different Kind of Denim

The words denim and culotte together may seem all sorts of wrong, but when a brand like Tibi does it, somehow it looks so, so right. Granted, this is a look, but it’s also a way to break out of the usual jeans and sweater mode for fall. With the tall boots, these feel especially right […]