Monthly Archives: January 2015

Evolving Denim

Remember these? Bringing you a Friday Flashback 90’s style. If you were too young to remember, much less wear Girbaud denim, then let me give you a quick breakdown. For a fleeting moment in the late 80’s and early 90’s, these were THE jeans to wear. And yes, I wore these in the 90’s too. Probably […]

Sneak Attack

I don’t know if it’s the mild winter we’ve been having in Portland or if I’m just ready for a change, but I am craving the springy walk of sneakers over my usual stompy boots. What’s really speaking to me are metallics. It’s such an excellent way to add real pizzaz (yeah, I said it) to […]

Tomboy Inspo

I have this oversize chambray shirt that I ordered online that hung in my closet unworn for ages. I really should avoid online shopping because I often fail to send back things that don’t work out. The shirt was the perfect example of how I can be lazy and undisciplined when it comes to impulse buys, […]

Ringing In the New Year

Do you make New Year resolutions? I can’t say that I do any more. It just reminds me of years past when I’d make plans to diet or not date guys who were bad for me. Ha, how times change! With age comes wisdom, right? That said, there are some ideas I’d like explore and projects I’d […]