Monthly Archives: February 2015

Power of Print

I have a slight problem with striped t-shirts. And by problem I mean addiction. I had no idea the extent of this stripe obsession until I recently started a wardrobe makeover and organized my clothes like the grown ass woman (I think) I am. Does anyone need this many striped shirts? This is a rhetorical […]

Saddle Up

After I switched over from my carry-all tote to a more streamlined small, cross-body bag, I’ve really embraced the idea of carrying the bare minimum. Now I’ve got my eye out on this sassy little number. The Chloé Drew saddle bag in bright red is perfection. I haven’t carried a red handbag in ages and this bag makes we […]

Culottes? Why Not?

Culottes. I’m not afraid to admit they’ve been on my mind. It’s just not a relationship I want to jump into, you know? I’ve seen pictures that make these made for #TBT bottoms so appealing lately, but I’m not so charmed to think any old culottes will do. I definitely think proportion is key. For […]

Put a Belt On It

I never thought much about belts until fairly recently. At its most basic, a belt is the best way to keep your pants up – unless you’re into suspenders, in which case those work just as well so have at it! Then last year I had one of those four-leaf clover moments and found this […]