Clueless at 20? Whatever!

Clueless_Cher_Dionne_plaid_outfitsClueless, the movie that introduced us to descriptions like “full on Monet,” turns 20 this weekend and there’s even a new book of interviews giving us an oral history of this teen movie touchstone. I’ve watched Clueless dozens of times and constantly make connections in everyday life to things in the movie. I will forever visualize Tai singing the famous jingle whenever I see a pack of Mentos. Or think, “Lucy, where’s my collarless shirt from Fred Segal?!” whenever I can’t find anything to wear. What makes the movie such a standout in my mind is the fashion. The colorfully stylized wardrobe of Cher, Dionne and the others are what makes me sit down to watch this movie again and again.ck_one_ad_90's

Clueless came out in 1995 at the height of 90’s minimalism. CK One ads pretty much defined fashion for young people at the time: cool, casual and detached. It was all about worn in tees, slouchy jeans and slack hair. I love that Calvin Klein gets a shoutout in the scene where Cher wears a tiny white slip dress on her date with Christian. But I digress. You can see how the characters in Clueless looked so frothy compared to other images from that time. I never attempted any looks from the movie, still I appreciated every OTT outfit.

clueless_dance I think another Clueless viewing is in order this weekend.


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