Get Laced

Loeffler_Randall_lace_up_AmbraYou know what I’m kind of feeling lately? Lace-up flats and heels. Even though there’s something a bit fussy about getting your feet into shoes like this, there’s also a freshness (both novel and cool) about this style. Color me intrigued. My current favorite is the Loeffler Randall cheetah print lace up flats. Love the idea of these with cropped black jeans and a cozy, oversized sweater.

Warehouse_Asos_lace_flatsHere’s a pair by Warehouse at ASOS that’s more affordable. I’ve never ordered anything from ASOS (too many choices overwhelm me) but that’s no reason to try it out. And the sheer volume of shoes means this may be the place to find hard to find sizes or try a new style.

saint_laurent_lace_up_pumpsAnd since we shopping hypothetically, I have to turn your attention to these Saint Laurent lace up pumps. Pulling out a 90’s descriptor here – These are MAJOR. That’s all.


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