Leather Jacket Love

acne_studios_leather_shearling_jacketIt’s as if a switch was flipped and the toasty weather of summer took the bullet train out of town! Even though it isn’t officially fall yet, it sure feels like the right time to pull out sweaters, socks, and a trusty jacket. I’m constantly looking at black leather jackets, even though it wouldn’t be the most practical way to spend money. The right style will always look current and cool and imbue the wearer with a super-chicness (that I just don’t possess). Speaking of things I don’t possess, I love Acne Studio’s Velocite leather and shearling jacket so much I had to draw it.acne_velocite_jacket

I figured it would lessen my desire for this jacket if I could draw it and get it out of my system. Yes, that sounds completely cracked out, but that’s one thing I do when I want to steer my energies away from shopping. But I digress.

What I love about Acne is the exaggerated details, from their knitwear to underwear. If you are going to spend the money on a wear-forever leather jacket, you might as well go big. Oh, and this design also comes in suede. Damn. So good.suede_velocite_acne_jacket


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  1. Great jacket! XO

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