A Jewel of a Holiday

hamster_giphyI’ve decided that I want to get a bit more dressed up for Thanksgiving this year. Not like, Daphne Guinness dressed up – just a bit more of an effort than formal sweatpants.

Ilana_Kohn_Willy_dressSince comfort is still a factor, I’ll probably go the dress route. Earlier this year I bought an Ilana Kohn dress from one of my favorite shops in Portland. I like this dress for Thanksgiving because it’s one of those blank-slate dresses that can be worn so many ways. It’s cotton so throwing it in the wash after an unfortunate gravy incursion isn’t a problem. If the weather is cold and soggy, this is something I could layer with a thin black turtleneck and tights to add warmth. Like the Ilana Kohn dress I bought this summer, this one doesn’t look too exciting in a picture. But there’s something about the fit and spare details of theses dresses that works like magic. It narrows at the hem so the dress isn’t tent-like and pockets really do come in handy. Also, there’s plenty of room to hide that second helping of stuffing and sweet potatoes.stacking_rings

The best part of a dress like this is jazzing thing up with jewelry! I made these these gold and rose gold stacking rings and have been wearing them non-stop. The warmth of gold has won me over lately and simple stacking rings are just so easy.

Anna_Sheffield_Of_A_KindAnd speaking of easy on the eyes, I love these Of A Kind edition badass black diamond beauties by Anna Sheffield. And to add a little something subtle to the neckline, a slightly chunky rose gold horseshoe necklace by TOMTOM seems like the right thing to wear when you want to a little luck on your side while you’re attempting to cook up something delicious for family and friends.


With all of the unnerving things happening in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, I am feeling especially thankful this year and hoping for a peaceful end to 2015.


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