Falling for Fall

It seems impossible to get excited about fall when we’re in the middle of summer. But being the kind of person who doesn’t get excited about wearing shorts and rushes to find the nearest shady spot when I’m outdoors, getting a dose of fall fashion is like waking up to the first chilly morning in September.Ulla_Johnson_Freja
One line that really gets me giddy for fall is Ulla Johnson. She just knocks the whole grown up hippy chick look out of the park. She makes slouchy, low crotch pants look chic. For real.
I love her global perspective and how it’s a huge influence in the clothes. Her Instagram is filled with all kinds of inspiring pictures from her travels and the pictures of her kids are especially sweet. There have always been a lot of peasant blouses and printed maxi dresses in her collections, but you can find separates that would work outside of that 70’s-inspired look.
This cardigan is a serious lewk. But as a knitter I can’t help but admire the details. Besides, baby alpaca yarn is so, so soft. *Sigh* I want to wrap myself up in this and take a nap in my favorite chair.

You can check out the entire dreamy prefall collection here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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