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Power of Print

I have a slight problem with striped t-shirts. And by problem I mean addiction. I had no idea the extent of this stripe obsession until I recently started a wardrobe makeover and organized my clothes like the grown ass woman (I think) I am. Does anyone need this many striped shirts? This is a rhetorical […]

Leisure Wear

  One word that keeps popping up in fashion lately is “athleisure” to describe the things that in theory is supposed to be for exercise (yoga pants being the number one thing that comes to mind) but is really just a socially acceptable way for people to wear comfort clothes without feeling like a slob. What’s interesting […]

Different Kind of Denim

The words denim and culotte together may seem all sorts of wrong, but when a brand like Tibi does it, somehow it looks so, so right. Granted, this is a look, but it’s also a way to break out of the usual jeans and sweater mode for fall. With the tall boots, these feel especially right […]

Big Girl Pants

This leather legging/shoe combo is major. MAY-JOR. It’s from Tamara Mellon’s (formerly of Jimmy Choo) new shoe line and it takes a certain no-nonsense woman to put them on one leg at a time. These are big girl pants.  

Survival of the Fittest

Or the time I got hip-checked by a lady holding a baby at the Frances May warehouse sale. So here’s the deal: I am not a warehouse sale kind of gal. I kind of panic when I see people scurrying around and I have zero killer instinct when it comes to elbowing my way toward racks […]

The Best Thing about Isabel Marant for H&M…

was definitely this large tie-dye bag that came with purchase. Despite telling myself that I didn’t want to follow like a lemming into the overstuffed bowels of my downtown H&M, I did it anyway because the former journalist in me wanted to get the story. There was no big crowd, although the store opened at 8am […]

Denim for Dads and Other Thoughts on Men’s Fashion

Dad jeans? Really? So this is really a thing. I guess if it’s worthy of a New York Times article, it must be. Dad jeans are not the best look going, but do most guys even care? I’m going to say hell to the no. What’s really hilarious about the article is the notion that the “urban […]