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Clueless at 20? Whatever!

Clueless, the movie that introduced us to descriptions like “full on Monet,” turns 20 this weekend and there’s even a new book of interviews giving us an oral history of this teen movie touchstone. I’ve watched Clueless dozens of times and constantly make connections in everyday life to things in the movie. I will forever visualize Tai singing the famous jingle whenever I […]

So Much Midriff

I haven’t done a Friday Flashback in a while and this golden oldie from Destiny’s Child – ha! – seems appropriate. So much midriff going on here. Crop tops seem to make the rounds over and over again and while I am definitely not going to attempt this myself, I do appreciate the look when […]

Happy Dance

This Go-Go’s song makes me incredibly happy. It’s short but incredibly sweet and it’s the perfect sunny day song. I can’t decide who’s outfit I dig the most. This video has everything: floral dresses, tomboy shirts, neckerchiefs for crying out loud! I definitely rocked scarves in my ponytail when I was a kid, just like […]

90’s Nostalgia

Oh, this song. Brings back college memories. This was on the Reality Bites soundtrack and even though the movie was a mixed bag, this song is perfection in its angst-y earnestness. Can you hear the opening guitar of Stay and not turn it up? I think Lisa Loeb’s outfit looks just as good now as […]

Break It Down, Breakfast Club

This is probably my favorite scene in The Breakfast Club. How fun it must have been to shoot this scene. I dare you to watch Molly Ringwald dance without cracking a smile. My all-time fave John Hughes movie is Sixteen Candles (because it was my first) but Breakfast Club is a close second. It’s amazing […]

Date With Destiny

This may not be one of the most popular Destiny’s Child songs (way back when there were four of Destiny’s children), but it’s my favorite. It has some quintessential late 90’s looks  – bedazzled cowboy hats, backless shirts, bootcut pants – and even a Kobe Bryant cameo. It’s the perfect Friday song for dancing in your […]

I Wanna Be Adorned?

I never saw the video for I Go Crazy back in the 80’s when Flesh For Lulu had a moment, but for some reason I got the song stuck in my head and looked it up on youtube. I’m so glad I did. I saw Some Kind of Wonderful with a bunch of junior high […]