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Falling for Fall

It seems impossible to get excited about fall when we’re in the middle of summer. But being the kind of person who doesn’t get excited about wearing shorts and rushes to find the nearest shady spot when I’m outdoors, getting a dose of fall fashion is like waking up to the first chilly morning in […]

Ringing In the New Year

Do you make New Year resolutions? I can’t say that I do any more. It just reminds me of years past when I’d make plans to diet or not date guys who were bad for me. Ha, how times change! With age comes wisdom, right? That said, there are some ideas I’d like explore and projects I’d […]

Style At Any Age

I’ve loved the pictures and stories on Advanced Style for a while now, but it’s just recently that I watched the documentary of the same name. It’s streaming on Netflix and is just over an hour long, so it’s minimal commitment for maximum inspo. Every one of the women featured treats getting dressed as a joyful exercise […]

Looking Good Winona Ryder

There are very few celebrities I’d truly get excited about meeting. I know everyone says that, but I really do mean it. Except two people: Dolly Parton (because she’s freakin’ awesome) and Winona Ryder. So I can really appreciate that Ryder is the face if the new rag & bone fall campaign. Talk about someone who […]

Hand Crafted Luxury

I don’t know when I first came across the work of London-based designer Faustine Steinmetz, but what I do know is that I cannot stop looking at her work. Her handmade creations take staples like blue jeans and elevate them to wearable works of art. I do not exaggerate. Each piece is meticulously crafted in […]

“Only One Trip.”

“Might as well live it up.” Wise words from style icon Iris Apfel regarding life. The NY Times T Magazine posted an interview with Apfel about her singular style. Take the time to watch. It’s worth it. Not only will it encourage anyone to be bold with fashion (or anything else for that matter), it’s […]

Jeanius Take On the Jumpsuit

I would have never believed it possible but I love this denim jumpsuit on Zoe Saldana. The words “denim” and “jumpsuit” together would normally make me shudder but on this lovely lady, it totally works. It also helps that the Balmain jumpsuit in question is structured at the top and has chain straps to dress […]