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A Jewel of a Holiday

I’ve decided that I want to get a bit more dressed up for Thanksgiving this year. Not like, Daphne Guinness dressed up – just a bit more of an effort than formal sweatpants. Since comfort is still a factor, I’ll probably go the dress route. Earlier this year I bought an Ilana Kohn dress from one […]

Simple Statement

How perfect is this little bauble? Everything on the Bing Bang NYC site is the perfect blend of elegant tough girl. I could use a bit of that, even if I’m feeling more tired than tough – or elegant for that matter. Maybe these earrings are in order as well? Wouldn’t want the necklace to feel […]

Making a Statement

This Acne Studios necklace is too cool for school. Okay, it’s definitely too cool for me, but there’s something about the spare and slightly menacing design that makes it so beautiful to me. It looks like it has a heft to it that may feel strangely comforting. Delicate necklaces were a thing but I’m glad […]

Dainty Diamonds

Have you visit the site Of A Kind? If you haven’t, you should. Talk about finding the best of the best in small scale, beautifully handcrafted, totally awesome accessories and clothes. If you love being in the know about emerging designers, this is the place. If you’d love to buy things that aren’t mass produced, this […]