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Falling for Fall

It seems impossible to get excited about fall when we’re in the middle of summer. But being the kind of person who doesn’t get excited about wearing shorts and rushes to find the nearest shady spot when I’m outdoors, getting a dose of fall fashion is like waking up to the first chilly morning in […]

Ringing In the New Year

Do you make New Year resolutions? I can’t say that I do any more. It just reminds me of years past when I’d make plans to diet or not date guys who were bad for me. Ha, how times change! With age comes wisdom, right? That said, there are some ideas I’d like explore and projects I’d […]

Your Department Store

According to this article via Business of Fashion, department stores are clawing their way back after decades of decline. I’m not a big department store shopper, but I do have very special memories of shopping in department stores as a teenager with my mom. It often involved a whole Saturday afternoon and included lunch at the […]

What Your Clothes Say About You

Boy, do I feel late to the party. Over the weekend, I was at Powell’s and picked up Worn Stories, a collection of short narratives from people – some famous  – about a favorite item of clothing. It’s a growing collection on Emily Spivack’s website, who started it in 2010. It’s one of those books you can pick up […]


This article in NY Mag strikes a chord with me. It’s about two friends who created a web series called Just the Tips, where they try out all kinds of DIY projects and tutorials… so we don’t have to I guess. Well, maybe they do it because it makes for provocative content. In any case, […]

Color Me Bright

I am a little desperate for spring right now. After taking care of a sick 6 year-old and catching a cold myself, I am OVER winter. I’ll always love sweater weather, comfort foods, and snow sports but it’s time for spring color, yo! That’s why I ordered these New Balance sneakers on a whim. I’ve […]

Colorful New Year

Whew! After a busy Christmas, bring on the New Year! That’s our cat lounging inside a Powell’s bag. She has pretty much taken over that bag and I’m happy to give up any remnants of holiday shopping in favor of a glass of champagne.. or two.. and the promise of a mellow New Year’s Eve. […]